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Monday, May 29, 2023
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Slot Compliance

  Introduction of Slot Compliance:

 The Slot Compliance is a separate and unique agency of the tribal government responsible for regulating all gaming held within the Navajo Nation Gaming Facilities.  The duties involved creating policies, regulations and laws pertaining to gaming to ensure that the tribal assets and integrity of gaming is protected.

The Compliance Department ensures that the internal controls are followed on a day-to-day basis and ensures that all gaming equipment meets the requirements of the State Compact.  The intention of Slot Compliance Department according to the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act (IGRA) is to prevent the infiltration of organized crime and criminal elements from entering into Navajo Nation gaming operations. IGRA provides a federal statutory basis to complement Navajo Nation Tribal Ordinances for Indian gaming to assure that gaming is conducted fairly and honestly by both the gaming operation and the player.

The Navajo Gaming Regulatory Office slot Compliance is currently partitioned with (5) other departments under the supervision of the Executive Director. Each Department has its own objectives and goals to ensure that the requirements of the Navajo Gaming Regulatory Office are achieved. These departments are Licensing/Investigators, Surveillance, IT, Gaming Enforcement, and Internal Audit. )

Roles and Responsibility Slot Compliance Assistant shall have the required training by supervisor or manufacturer to observe and monitor to assist with gaming machines on modifications, conversions, software upgrades and machine moves to be in compliance of state and Federal regulations, NIGC MICS, and Internal P/P’s.  Slot Compliance Assistants will know his/her job description, as well as maintaining the operations of all gaming machines at the Gaming Facility. Employee should be able to understand the Regulations, MICS, State Compact, and Federal Regulations that are in place to work in the Department and know the internal controls of the Casino Operations.

  • Upholds important confidential information on gaming machines and its operations.
  • Trainings on all Gaming machines to observe the gaming machines on all set up options and testing.
  • Game Devices Installs, Game Device Removals, modification, Software upgrades, and Game Devices moves.
  • Maintaining communications with Gaming Facilities, vendors, and independent gaming laboratories for updates.
  • RAM Clears, partial clears, complete clears.
  • Accounting system trainings and operation of how the system works and setup.
  •  Authority The Slot Compliance Department authority extends only to the scope of gaming within the boundaries of the Navajo Nation Gaming Facilities within the Nation.  The slot compliance will not dictate changes in the operations of gaming, or the manner of operations of any casino department.    

     Public Relations No comments, statements, remarks or communications will be given or made to the press or a member of a newspaper, magazine or similar publishing organization without prior approval from the Executive Director.  Any requests for comments, statements or information will be directed to the Navajo Gaming Regulatory Executive Director.

    Community Relations Navajo Gaming Regulatory Office Slot Compliance will be courteous and respectful at all times while in the presence of the community, patrons or other individuals while on duty.  They may be asked several questions at various times from patrons or general community members about the roles of the Navajo Gaming Regulatory Office-Slot Compliance Department. These questions may be answered in general, without going into detail or revealing confidential information.  If the community members have any questions requiring detailed or specific information, they will be directed to the Navajo Gaming Regulatory Office Executive Director.

     Slot Compliance Department Mission Statement

    It shall be the mission of the NNGRO Slot Compliance Department to administer the provisions of the Navajo Tribal Gaming Ordinance, Compacts, MICS, and the regulations set forth by the Navajo Gaming Regulatory Office within the Navajo Nation gaming Facilities.

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