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How We Regulate

Navajo Gaming Ordinance

  • General authority that outlines gaming enforcement responsibilities
  • The Gaming Ordinance grants NGRO the following authority to:
    • Promulgate new regulations
    • Amend existing regulations or internal controls
    • Conduct disciplinary proceedings, patron disputes and appeals

Gaming Regulations

  • Establishes licensing qualifications
  • Method of operations for the gaming establishment
  • Establishes procedures for Class II and Class III slot machines
  • Health, Safety and Emergency Preparedness

Minimum Internal Control Standards (MICs) Tribal Internal Control Standards

  • Established to be more stringent and extensive than the federal Minimum Internal Control Standards
  • Assures the assets of the casino are safeguarded
  • Assures the financial records of the casino are accurate and reliable
  • Assures the transactions of the casino are performed in accordance with the minimum internal control standards
  • Assures only authorized personnel have access to assets
  • Assures the functions, duties, and responsibilities are appropriately segregated
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